Best Burek

About Dukagjini Burek

Marjan Kolnrekaj, the owner of Dukagjini Burek has had an extensive background in hand crafting these delicious pies for quiet some time. His family has been making bureks for a hundred years in his hometown of Dukagjin, Kosova. It’s there that he learned this ancient treat and carried it over to the heart of the Bronx. Located minutes away the famous Bronx Zoo and beautiful Botanical Garden, you can get your lucky hands on a “Genuine Burek” that’s been a treat in the Balkans for many ages and believe me when I say you’ll be coming back for more.


Menu & Pricing

- Burek w/ Meat | $4
- Burek w/ Cheese | $4
- Burek w/ Spinach | $4
- Burek Any Pie | $16

- Yogurt / Kus | $1.50

- Espresso | $2.00
- Cappiccino | $2.50